Promoting Healthy Places and Policies

Eat Smart New York is a nutrition and obesity prevention program.
Here are more details on the program.

Creating a culture of health and wellness at schools and beyond. Support of wellness committee and policy to further facilitate environmental changes.

ESNY will work with corner stores in underserved communities to increase the availability of healthy and affordable foods and beverages.

Create an environment of "hands-on" learning through implementation of community and school gardens to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Provide an opportunity for physical activity as well as enhance the knowledge and skills of maintaining a garden.

To encourage buying local and seasonal produce. To expand SNAP/ EBT/FMNP vendors and provide recipes to facilitate increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables; as well as, enhance food safety skills.

ESNY will create a partnership and opportunities for laundromat patrons to gain knowledge. Owners will be engaged to create a healthy environment through their vending machines; offering healthier beverage choices and display of healthy messages.

Our partnership with faith based communities will promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging opportunity for increasing physical activity, healthy beverage options, messaging displays and community gardens.

Promoting overall wellness at worksites through focus on healthier snack and beverage choices, increased physical activity opportunities and healthy messaging thereby engaging staffs to adopt overall healthy lifestyles.