Physical Resources

Land / Site Selection ​

Land / Site Selection Identify at least 3 potential sites (bring these addresses to your local county tax-assessor’s office to find out who owns the land). ​The following factors should be considered when selecting a site: ​

1. Location

  • Within walking distance or short drive of community members who have expressed interest in the garden
  • Local zoning codes
  • Community support for garden establishment on the site

2. Consider factors such as access to water, sufficient sunlight, environmental contaminants (get soil tested), site history, neighborhood demographics and crime statistics ​

3. Adjacent delivery site for large quantities of soil, compost, or mulch ​

4. Consider anticipated duration of the garden when contracting with landowners 

  • With non-profit landowners, land may be established for long-term use
  • When land is expected to be developed, the garden may be more temporary 


Water ​

    Land / Site Selection
  1. Propose a seasonal fee to neighboring residents or businesses for water use
  2. ​Contact city’s water department to get hooked up to a water hydrant
  3.  Many gardens use a combination of hoses and water barrels