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Gardening Tips for May

Gardening Tips for May Harden off seedlings/transplants gradually. Plant warm season vegetables - green and lima beans, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers,...

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Gardening Tips for April

Gardening Tips for April Do a thorough garden clean-up. Remove all winter mulches, debris and weeds. Prepare the soil in the vegetable garden and...

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March Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips Turn soil in vegetable gardens as soon as it is dry. Do a thorough spring clean-up. Add compost and amount of lime recommended by the...

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Gardening Tips for February

Gardening Tips for February If not already done, order seeds at once for early starting. When select vegetable varieties consider the following...

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January Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips for January Send for seed and nursery catalogs. Order seeds from catalogs. Turn compost pile if it is not frozen. Save waxed milk...

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