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What is Eat Smart New York Long Island?

Eat Smart NY LIEat Smart New York Long Island (ESNYLI) is dedicated to strengthening families and communities. We provide obesity prevention activities targeted to SNAP and SNAP eligible population through a community-based approach. The ESNYLI program collaborates with many to create systematic change through policy, practice and environmental approaches.

The goal of these collaborative efforts is to facilitate and empower voluntary adoption of healthy nutrition and physical activity behaviors conducive to the positive health and well-being of limited resource individuals, families and youth.

We encourage families eligible for SNAP to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink fewer sweetened beverages and practice healthy lifestyles. We also support families and other community partners to build and sustain edible gardens, healthy corner stores, healthy laundromats, places of faith, farmer’s markets and school wellness.

Contact us for more information.

How do I find out if I am eligible for SNAP benefits?

You can find out if you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits and apply online at

I am interested in scheduling a class or attending one of the open classes

Please call (631) 727-7850 x 115 or fill out the contact form to get started today.

What languages are the classes offered in?

We have staff members that speak English, Spanish and Turkish.

What agencies does ESNYLI work with?

ESNYLI provides nutrition education and materials to agencies who serve individuals who are currently receiving SNAP benefits, or are SNAP eligible. ESNYLI provides services throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

Can you assist with providing healthy eating content for our social media sites?

Yes, we can provide nutrition education posts and tweets for your agency or school. Contact us for more information.

In what way does ESNYLI assist with school gardens?

ESNYLI can provide information to start a garden, as well as nutrition education to promote garden based learning. Contact us for more information.

What schools qualify to receive services from ESNYLI?

Services are available to schools in which 50% or more students are receiving free and reduced price lunches. Contact us if your school qualifies.

What is the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement?

With help from ESNYLI, schools can design their lunchrooms to nudge students toward nutritious foods with low to no cost changes that are as simple as encouraging students to come up with creative names for healthy foods such as X-ray Carrots or Superhero Spinach. Contact us for more information.

What curriculum/lessons are used?

Lessons are designed for all age groups and grade levels. We can customize our lessons to meet your classroom needs. Contact us for more information.

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