Celebrate Women’s Healthy Weight Day!

Celebrate Women’s Healthy Weight Day!

January 23rd, 2020

Instead of a focus on dieting, this day is more about sharing knowledge to improve women’s overall health through physical activity and healthy eating.  A key concept of celebrating Women’s Healthy Weight Day is an emphasis on accepting every person’s natural body appearance and weight. Rather than being consumed with strict dieting or counting calories, enjoy great recipes that focus more on tasty fruits and vegetables. Then fill the majority of your plate with yummy vegetable dishes and fruit laden desserts.  

Additionally, being active at least 30 minutes every day does wonders for keeping a healthy heart.  One does not need to join a gym or work out for hours on end.  Try joining a walking club, dance around your living room, or go bowling.  All activity counts toward a healthier you!  

So ladies, on January 23, focus on keeping a healthy mindset.  Gather with your girlfriends to celebrate you.